Richard Thau. Mission: Seeking Progress In The Library & Information Sector



“For The Benefit of the Library, Information, Radio, Media & Regional Business Community”

Serving The Library, Information, Radio, Music & Business Service Sectors

For The Benefit of the Library, Information, Radio, Music & Business Service Community

Organizational leadership for libraries, information centers, radio stations, local media outlets, small business, non-profits and the public/community service sectors involves creativity, flexibility and nontraditional thinking.

Richard Thau

Progressive & Creative: The provision of services in the roles of: Library Managers/Practitioners, Knowledge/Information Specialists, Consultants; Radio Broadcasting/Local Media Pros | Business Pros, Music Specialists, Popular Culture Insiders, Community/Public Service Leaders.

We endeavor to support and partner with progressive, creative, flexible and productive, agencies and companies aiming to showcase themselves as model mission-driven regional/community-based entities having customer/client/community/regionally focused missions providing essential and progressive services and resources.

Partnerships help define a community/region to encourage civic pride & invest residents with a sense of ownership.  Evolving and transitioning Organizations, Agencies and Companies that we work with are creative and fearless as all recognize that dynamic forces are in play within our towns, boroughs, cities, counties and regions and around the world

Fostering Proud Associations with The Library Community, The Radio-Broadcasting Community, The Business Community and The Public Service – Community Partnership – Regional Development Sector: Cornerstones of the Political, Economic and Social Fabric of Society.

My model for business is the Beatles. They were four guys who kept each other’s kind of negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other, and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That’s how I see business: Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” –Steve Jobs

Supporting“ The Best of The Old and The Best of The New” as we “Integrate Solid Old School and Creative New School” elements into contemporary and progressive 21st Century agency and organizational paradigms for our partners, clients, and friends.

An Expanding Professional Services Hub:

-The Library & Information Sector

-Business: The Private Sector

-Governmental/ Non-Profit Sector

-Professional Services/Organizational Operations

-Academia: The Education Sector

-Research/Knowledge Services

-Staffing/Training/Sector Presentations

-Radio Station / Radio Broadcasting / Local Media 

-Public Service/Community/Regional Development


Professional Snapshot

Richard Thau

An extensive background partnering with a collective of geographically diverse and unique library, information, business, radio/media, music, and regional communities.

For The Benefit of the Library, Information, Radio, Music & Business Service Community.

The Caique~Mersey Community and Alliance

The Caique~Mersey Connection!



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